It won't take long for us to realize that this 1986 Ford Bronco isn't some kind of wreck cruising through a junkyard, but rather the ideal example of a sleeper. Except for the hood pins, Ryan Hauf's SUV looks stock from

the outside. The car's original suspension setup and off-road tires let it to blend nicely with its surroundings. A 7.3-liter twin-turbo Dart M-Block engine,

Under the hood, you'll find the Holley electronic fuel injection system and other elements. Despite various extra

improvements, the remainder of the car remains stock, including the interior, which does include a digital dashboard. With all-wheel drive and 750 pound-feet of torque,

With its three-speed transmission, it may be able to compete in the forthcoming drag race. However, its

aerodynamic shape and weight of 4,700 pounds will surely be a disadvantage. When contrasted to the sporty Dodge Viper GTS driving in the opposite lane.