Vegas exemplifies excess. The Strip is adorned with neon signs and lit structures. The objects in question are coated with a layer of gold, and a very large pyramid emits a powerful beam of light that extends several hundred feet

into the sky. The 2020 Ford Mustang Shelby GT500, touted as Ford's most powerful vehicle to date, exemplifies the idea very well. We traveled to Las Vegas with great anticipation to test Ford's latest creation. The most superior pony vehicle for

Corvette to unprecedented heights. The extent of its potential remains uncertain. Perhaps Ford will make history

high-speed acceleration on the drag strip, exceptional handling on the road course, and optimal performance on surrounding public roads. The GT500's impressive 760 horsepower rating has piqued our curiosity. However, what

truly amazed us at the end of our journey was its equally exceptional performance on the Highway, racecourse, and straight racing course. The term "subtle" was discarded out the 12th story window of Ford's Dearborn headquarters by the creators

of the Shelby GT500. We are fond of this intimidating appearance. The Mustang is unquestionably formidable. The 20-inch wheels and striking carbon fiber wing from the additional Carbon Fiber Track pack, together with the exterior color options that mimic Skittles, all exclaim "notice me" in the most favorable way