Nick modified the coil overs and placed a new exhaust system on his 1996 Viper GTS. They also installed unique wheels. These changes are largely stock-related. In addition to being 1,400 pounds

lighter, it boasts a significantly more aerodynamic design. Its 8-liter V10 engine generates 450 hp and 490 lb-ft of torque. The runway races include a best-of-three fight over a thousand feet. The beginning race determines the power distribution.

Between the two automobiles. When they cross the starting line together, both vehicles appear to be traveling

ahead at the same rate, but the Viper begins to pull away as it approaches the front. To level the playing field,

the Hoonigan team competes in the remaining races at 500 feet, the distance at which the Bronco is most competitive. In fact, the SUV defeats the

sports vehicle in the second 500-foot race, burned tires and doughnuts begin to occur. everywhere.