Undoubtedly, the next Ford Everest and the previously unveiled Ranger will undoubtedly possess certain

technical resemblances. It is expected that the 2.0-liter single-turbo and twin-turbo diesel variants would be retained from the previous version.

Succession. The inclusion of the 3.0-liter V6 turbodiesel engine in the new Ranger is expected to be the costliest choice among available options. Anticipate a comprehensive analysis on the debut date of Everest in the first

quarter of 2022. Initially, Everest will be available for purchase in nations including Thailand, the Philippines, and Australia. This remains unchanged.

Just like the last time it was launched. To accommodate the Indian market, the Everest will

Undergo a process of rebranding and be renamed as the Endeavour. Given this factor, are you interested in Ford introducing the Everest model into the North American car market?