Ford->ke31 is increasing its presence in South Africa ahead of the release of the Everest SUV. The Silverton manufacturing Plant in Pretoria, South Africa, will be utilized for the production of the Everest with other vehicles.

The current Ford Ranger truck, known as ke242, is part of the manufacturing line. Ford intends to allocate $175 million towards the expansion endeavor, resulting in the creation of 1,200 more job opportunities at the

factory and across the supplier network in South Africa. Jim Farley, the executive vice president of Ford and the leader of the Europe, Middle East, and Africa division, expressed that our consumers have a strong affinity

for the advanced features and practicality provided by the brand-new Ford model. "We will have the capability to offer customers across Sub-Saharan Africa with the services of Everest."

Thanks to our manufacture in South Africa, we are able to offer a greater variety of Everest models and make them available more quickly. Farley further emphasized that this investment underscores the importance of the

South African market for Ford's development goals in the Middle East and Africa. The producer The South African network will be utilized as a pivotal hub for exporting goods.