Nick has fitted a new exhaust system and improved the coil overs on his 1996 Viper GTS. He also modified the suspension. and included your own wheels. Almost all of these modifications are stock. It features a significantly more

aerodynamic shape, in addition to being 1,400 pounds lighter than its predecessor. The 8-liter V10 engine possesses a power output of 450 horsepower and a torque output of 490 pound-feet. The runway races are

determined by a best-of-three battle that takes place over a distance of one thousand feet. At the beginning of the race, the power distribution is determined. among the two automobiles. When both cars cross the starting line together, it seems as though they are moving

ahead in an equal manner; nevertheless, as the Viper comes closer to the front, it begins to pull away from the other vehicle gradually. The Hoonigan team competes in the remaining races at a distance of 500 feet, which is

the distance at which the Bronco is most competitive. This action is taken to ensure that the playing field remains level. In point of fact, the SUV is superior to the

A sports vehicle is competing in the second 500-foot race, and doughnuts and scalded tires are beginning to start appearing.