The vehicle has ample room to accommodate both passengers and cargo. Regarding technology, the Ford Everest is packed with state-of-the-art features.

Currently existing technologies. These technologies encompass a tactile interface that allows users to interact directly with the screen.

The device has a screen size of either 10.1 or 12.0 inches and supports Bluetooth interaction with smartphones. Thanks to the integrated satellite navigation system, you can easily get real-time information on traffic, weather,

fuel costs, parking availability, and route planning. Through the SYNC 4A touchscreen, you may conveniently retrieve the information stored therein.

Your owner's manual, which obviates the necessity of manually perusing hundreds of pages. Pages that have been produced via printing. With the FordPass app, you may get details like the whereabouts of

your car and the tire pressure. Users may also utilize remote functionalities, including the capability to initiate their car from a distance, unlock their vehicle, and enable Zone Lighting.