Undoubtedly! While some may contend that the Ford Bronco already meets the criteria for being a rugged off-road vehicle, since it competes with the Jeep Wrangler, there are dissenting opinions.

While the Ford Explorer and the Toyota Highlander are both more family-friendly and practical than this particular vehicle, it falls short in these aspects. Furthermore, the Toyota 4Runner, which has a decade-long

history and shares similar components with the Everest, is now available. However, the 4Runner is developed in a more traditional fashion compared to the Everest.

SUVs and crossovers are in high demand and easily accessible in the current market. However, only a few of these cars are appropriate for family use and have the capability to endure off-road

situations. These vehicles, for the most part, lie somewhere on the range. However, the Everest manages to strike a

Striking a balance between being intellectually stimulating and competent, while still being pragmatic and enjoyable for Engaging in daily driving. Regarding the suggestion that Ford failed to seize this chance, I am speechless.