Considering that the seventh-generation Mustangs have just recently been introduced to the market, the prospect of a mid-engine Mustang being produced by Ford at this point in time seems highly improbable.

Considering that Ford has officially trademarked the name "Thunderbird," it is possible that they may release a high-performance sports vehicle with a mid-engine layout, similar to the recently introduced Corvette C8. The

Thunderbird was initially produced in the mid-1950s as a direct competitor to the Corvette. Considering the

enduring competition between Ford and Chevy, and the recent decision by Chevy to change the design of their

top sports car from a front-engine to a mid-engine layout, following the cancellation of Ford's mid-engine GT, it

is reasonable to expect that Ford will counter Chevrolet's innovative move with a groundbreaking vehicle of their own. This anticipation is shared by car enthusiasts and experts.