Costlier than the Mustang with an internal combustion engine Battery technology has a substantial impact on the progress of electric vehicle technology. The battery of an

electric automobile serves as the primary source of power. The most expensive component of the car is the battery, and the price of the vehicle grows proportionally with

the size of the battery. The technology that supports electric automobiles is still very new. The primary factor for the higher cost of these cars is their novelty compared to gas-powered automobiles. This

is true even after almost a decade of widespread production of electric automobiles. To replace the battery in a Tesla Model 3, priced at $13,000, one would need to spend an additional $37,920 in electric charges, which is

the basic price of a gas-powered Ford Mustang at $30,920.

Energy. The reason for this is because the Tesla Model 3 is equipped with a battery that has a price tag of $10,000. In addition,