When contrasting the massive grille of the Ford Bronco Sport with that of the bigger Ford Bronco, there are a few parallels that can be seen. On the other hand, the only thing that can be found behind the Bronco symbol are

the air vents, and the upper section of the grille is totally absent. In contrast to the original Ford Bronco, the

front end of the Bronco Sport bends until it reaches the headlights, which Bembli enjoys since they highlight the vehicle's distinctive design.

Bring to his mind the vintage Broncos that were popular in the 1970s. In comparison to a painted bumper, the black plastic front bumper with fog lights that comes standard on the Bronco Sport is ideal for mild off-road

terrain since it is better able to conceal any dents and scratches that may occur. When viewed from the front, this

automobile is immediately distinguishable from other vehicles based on its appearance.