The design of the next mid-engine Mustang is mostly influenced by the Ford GT, which in turn took inspiration from its predecessors at Le Mans. After conducting extensive wind tunnel testing, Ford designed the

iconic teardrop-shaped body of the GT, ensuring that each curve, line, and vent serves a specific purpose. Despite incorporating more Mustang components, the mid-engine Mustang shares the same body shape as the

GT. Ford excels in enhancing aerodynamics, resulting in notable features such as prominent hood scoops for improved performance, substantial air dams on the side skirts, and diffusers located in the front and rear of the

vehicle. Both cars showcase Ford's renowned artistry, but, the Ford GT possesses tangible attributes like as a moveable rear wing and upward-opening doors that have not yet been illustrated in drawings of the mid-engine

Mustang. While the rear appearance of the mid-engine Mustang does resemble that of the Ford GT, the rear quarters of the 2017 Ford GT are comparatively narrower and have less space between the engine cover and the

buttresses. The mid-engine Mustang sports a black engine cover, likely constructed from carbon fiber, but the Ford GT has an engine cover made of translucent Gorilla Glass.