The Ford Mustang is set to make a stylish return to the electric car market. due to the amalgamation of aerodynamic characteristics and elegant attributes. This would lead to the

development of an automobile that will genuinely distinguish itself from others. In the next years, the Mustang pony

The logo will be shown on a sleek, illuminated surface like that of the Rivian twins. The surface has the ability to alter its color based on the driving mode, suggesting that it might potentially serve as a replacement for the

existing design. The presence of a broad and low body enhances stability and minimizes drag. Additionally, there is a front grille. Incorporating headlamps into the design will ensure the plan's flawlessness. Additionally,

it will facilitate the channeling of air to cool the brakes, therefore enhancing their performance. To optimize airflow and enhance economy, the vehicle will be equipped with a retractable rear spoiler that

adjusts based on speed, dive planes, side vents, an underbelly, and an attached diffuser. Furthermore, possessing An aesthetically beautiful design, aero wheels minimize turbulence and wind resistance, leading to a potential decrease of up to 4.5 percent in energy usage.