The main rationale for Tesla's decision to include batteries into the floor of their vehicles is as follows: This leads us to our next point. The electric car's battery is the most crucial component of its automotive system.

It is designed to leverage the vehicle's weight in order to lower its center of gravity. Due to this, electric cars have a substantial weight, but they exhibit remarkable stability when driving.

For instance, the Taycan has a weight of 4,568 pounds, but the Porsche Panamera typically weighs The arrangement has a weight of 4,222 pounds. Due to this, electric cars are engineered to possess superior

aerodynamic efficiency compared to conventional cars. This is done to mitigate the impact of their heavier weight and maintain the efficiency gains that have been made. For instance, the Ford Mustang, weighing 3,532

pounds, would If it were converted into an electric car,

its weight would exceed 4,000 pounds. Only this would