The maintenance costs for an electric Ford Mustang would be significantly reduced compared to the expenses

associated with the combustion engine variant of the car. This is because the electric Mustang would require less

mechanical components. Ultimately, electric motors will replace replacement of the antiquated gasoline engine, leading to the eradication of

The need for complex gearbox systems, regular spark plug replacements, and oil changes is significant in terms of maintenance costs. Eliminating these components would lead to substantial additional savings. Furthermore, even though an electric Mustang has fewer components that require frequent maintenance or replacement,

Electric systems are renowned for their exceptional longevity. Although they may have a higher initial cost compared to gas-powered models, the long-term savings, excluding fuel expenses, will more than offset this

disparity over time. surgery. Although fuel prices are volatile and challenging to predict, power expenses are more controllable due to the ability to produce electricity on-site.