Due to the fact that the electric version of the automobile will not be equipped with a gas engine, the front trunk, or frunk as it is more commonly referred as, will have extra room beneath the hood of the vehicle.

within the vehicle at the place where the gasoline engine would typically be found. The most obvious difference between cars powered by gasoline and those powered by electricity is that the former do not have a conventional

gasoline engine but rather electric automobiles. There is no engine of this kind found in electric cars. At the moment, the trunk of the standard Ford Mustang has a capacity of 13.5 cubic feet, while the trunk of convertible models has a capacity of 12.5 cubic feet.

Another trunk that is even more compact, clocking in at 11.4 cubic feet in volume. In light of the fact that it is equivalent in size to the Tesla Model 3 and the Audi e-tron GT, it is reasonable to

assume that the front trunk under the engine might perhaps store anywhere from two to four cubic feet of space. It would appear from this that an electric Ford Mustang would be able to

possess extra storage capacity in addition to the 13.5 cubic feet of space that is available in the trunk, making it an excellent automobile for transporting smaller carry-on goods or groceries.