Within an electric Ford Mustang, the melodious roar of a V8 engine would be substituted with the smooth and easy propulsion of one or more electric motors. Ford may employ cabin-mounted speakers to generate engine

noises that correspond to the vehicle's speed, akin to Rimac's approach with the Nevera, as this might be upsetting for purists.

Envisioning a Ford Mustang equipped with an electric motor, capable of silently gliding through the streets, with only the sound of its tires gripping the pavement. This is due to the absence of the tremendous sound

produced by the Mustang's gas engine. Furthermore, the The absence of engine noise would promote a state of tranquility, allowing drivers to fully enjoy the experience

of driving and fully appreciate the beauty of their surroundings. to the maximum degree feasible. Although it may seem unlikely, is it feasible to replicate the sounds of a V-8 engine in a way that is equivalent to what Dodge has achieved with the electric Charger? Even while the vehicle

is moving at its maximum velocity, the driver would still be able to hear the continuous sound produced by the electric motors.